Monday, 20 May 2013

If you go down to the meadow today...

You're in for a nice surprise. It's looking incredible!
The thick grass is a haven for butterflies, birds and insects - and perfect for a picnic.
Look closely and you'll see native bluebells all over the meadow - so all our had work planting bulbs is paying off!
The wild herbs planted by the gardening club last summer are thriving - and the fruit trees love their new home.
Look closely, and you'll find wild garlic growing in the long grass.
Currants! These will be delicious in a couple of months.
Unlike lawns, in a meadow, the more dandelions the better - bees love them, and they look amazing en masse.
Come take a stroll down our flower-lined paths, then take a seat on our hand-carved bench and enjoy a bit of wild London!