Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Meet Helen, our new gardening club leader

Thanks to our grant from the London Legacy Development Corporation, the meadow will soon have it's very own gardening club. The club will be free for everyone, and there'll be free drinks and biscuits provided on the day too.  But the best part is, it'll be led by the fantastically knowledgeable Helen Wilson - check out her website here.

When it comes to plants, Helen's like a walking encyclopedia. And she knows all about wild species that are good to eat, and how to grow them. So as well as running the gardening club, she'll be around once a week if you want to stop by and get her green-fingered advice.

Helen will lead three sessions in spring - one each week, starting on Saturday May 12, and another five in autumn. And there'll be two special, wildlife-friendly workshops with amazing local artist Penny Sabudin too. So stay tuned...

A big thank you to London Legacy Development Corporation!

If you've got eagle eyes, you might have noticed that the Big Lottery logo on the right has been replaced by one from the London Legacy Development Corporation. That's because when our Big Lottery grant ended, the LLDC kindly stepped in and agreed to fund the meadow for 2012.

Which is great news!

We'll be using the funding to set up a free gardening club for everyone in the area, with a couple of artist workshops thrown in for good measure (they were really fun last year). Full details will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!