Wednesday, 26 November 2014

We have a new home

After the incredible efforts of local people after our flytipping disaster, Mabley Meadow is here to stay! But we do have a new home - where you can find out all about what's going on in the meadow, and the rest of Mabley Green too.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Help rebuild the meadow - Saturday May 10 seed-sowing day

At the end of last year, Mabley Meadow was buried under a 49-tonne pile of flytipped rubbish. But then something amazing happened - the daffodils bloomed anyway, and the bluebells are peeping out of the grass. So the meadow won't be beaten - and neither will we!

Join us on Saturday 10 May, from 11am-1pm for a meadow seed-sowing extravaganza, and show those flytippers they can't keep us down.

On the day we'll pick up the small amount of rubbish that was missed in the clean up (so if you have a pair of gardening gloves, bring them along). Then when the meadow's spic and span again, we'll sow a new batch of wildflower seeds then get ready for incredible summer. See you there!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Flytipping disaster!

If you've been past the meadow recently, or seen some of the many media reports, you'll have noticed that our community park has gone from this:
 To this:
(Image from ITV)
Illegal flytippers have dumped a whopping 49 tonnes of rubbish on Mabley Meadow, destroying the small orchard and edible herb area, and potentially killing all the bluebells and daffodils we've worked so hard to plant.

So this is a terrible day for everyone who's volunteered, joined the gardening-club and enjoyed using the meadow. But there's good news here too.

Hackney Council have already started the clear up, so it'll look much better soon. And some of our plantings are gone forever, some will come back fighting. So stay tuned for spring.

Best of all though has been the amazing support that's flooded in from people all over Hackney. Adversity really has brought us together, and proved how important and loved the meadow is. So thank you to everyone who's had a kind word to say or made an offer of help.

For now, we have to leave it to the council to get the site clear. But in spring, we'll do a seed sowing and get our meadow back. And in 2014, it'll be better than ever!

Monday, 20 May 2013

If you go down to the meadow today...

You're in for a nice surprise. It's looking incredible!
The thick grass is a haven for butterflies, birds and insects - and perfect for a picnic.
Look closely and you'll see native bluebells all over the meadow - so all our had work planting bulbs is paying off!
The wild herbs planted by the gardening club last summer are thriving - and the fruit trees love their new home.
Look closely, and you'll find wild garlic growing in the long grass.
Currants! These will be delicious in a couple of months.
Unlike lawns, in a meadow, the more dandelions the better - bees love them, and they look amazing en masse.
Come take a stroll down our flower-lined paths, then take a seat on our hand-carved bench and enjoy a bit of wild London!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Gardening club - week six

Our final gardening club for the year was extra special - because it wasn't about gardening at all! Instead, artist Penny Sadubin came along to teach everyone how to make crafts and jewellery using natural materials growing in and around the meadow.  It was a great session - and the perfect end to a fantastic year full of free activities!

Using a handy coat-hanger, Penny pushed out the soft middle-part of a stem of Elder to make beads.
The finished article, complete with conker and a fresh sprig of leaves.
Even the trees got a bit of jewellery! We left these ones here as a lasting (but biodegradeable) reminder of all the great stuff we've done on the meadow this year.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gardening club - week five

We had a great turn out at our last session - so we did loads of planting, watering, mulching, raking and seed-sowing! With autumn setting in, we did it just in time too - because now the plants will be able to settle into their new home before it gets properly cold. And that means we'll have a spectacular spring next year!

There's only one more gardening club session left this year - making jewellery and crafts using woodland materials with artist Penny Sadubin. So come along on Wednesday 17 October, 4pm-6pm and get crafty!
The highlight of the day was planting our new Family Apple Tree, which has three different apple varieties, all grafted onto one tree! The three types will flower at the same time, to make it easy for our local bees to cross-pollinate them, and make sure they produce plenty of fruit. The varieties are: Cox's Orange Pippin, Bramley and James Grieve.

Preparing the ground for the Family Apple Tree.
Digging for victory (well, apples)!

We also planted some mint and lemon verbena under the trees - which smell amazing!
Another verbena planted. Nice work!
Clearing the ground before seed-sowing.
A well-earned rest.
Hooray for Mabley Meadow's new gardeners!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Gardening club - week four

What a brilliant gardening club session! This week we planted a Cherry Plum tree (laden with delicious cherries) and a Concorde Pear (which is a fantastic variety). And both of them came from the Hackney Tree Nursery just up the road from the meadow. Their trees are of incredible quality, so if you ever need one for your garden, drop in to see them!

We also planted clumps of crocuses and drumstick alliums, and found some interesting creepie crawlies under the autumn leaves.

Next week, we'll be planting a crab apple tree and sowing seeds, so join us on the meadow on Wednesday 10, from 4pm-6pm!