Monday, 20 June 2011

Leabank Square gets growing

On Sunday, the green-fingered residents of Leabank Square got busy planting up hundreds of pots with wildflower and woodland seeds as part of the meadow's growing scheme.

Their amazing effort means we'll have loads of new plants to add in autumn, so there'll be a feast for the bees and birds in 2012. And the pots are completely biodegradable, so we can plant them straight into the grass later.

The group planted Betony, Agrimony and Cowslip (which our honey-making friends will enjoy), and teasels (which will attract lots of small birds).

A huge thank you to Leabank Square - and to The Hairy Pot Plant Company for the incredible pots!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Help spread the word!

Because there's so much great stuff happening on the meadow this year, we've made up a batch of flyers to tell everyone all about it.

All we need to do now is share them around the neighbourhood. So if you can drop a few off at your local cafe, pop some through your neighbours' doors, or just hand them out to your friends, that'd be great!

There'll be a stack of flyers at the free carving workshop on Saturday, so you can come and help yourself. But if you can't make it, just email and we can work out a way of getting some to you.

In the mean time, here's a quick preview...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Free all-ages carving workshop - 12pm, Saturday June 18

In August, the amazing Gary March will be sculpting a set of three unique benches for us. But before he gets started, he'll be teaching the carving basics in a free workshop on the meadow (or below the flyover if it's raining).

As we'll all be beginners, we'll be carving in soap rather than wood. And Gary's had loads of experience teaching sculpture newbies, so we'll all be in good (and very patient) hands.

Organised by muf art+architecture, the workshop will run from midday - for more details, take a look at their flyer below.

Picnic pics

Our picnic in June was blessed with spectacular weather. So it was the perfect opportunity to eat, chat and sunbathe the day away surrounded by the newly flowering meadow. Look out for the next one on August 20th!