Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gardening club - week three

The gardening club is go, go, go! This week we planted not one but TWO fruit bushes - a redcurrant and a blackcurrant - with Woodruff all around them. Then it was bulb time- 150 crocuses were planted safely under the turf (look out for them in early spring), and wild garlic near the small bench. Yum!

Next time we'll be sowing wildflower seeds and planting more bulbs. So come to the meadow on Wednesday 3 October from 4pm-6pm and get stuck in!
Planting our new fruit bushes.
Adding mulch to keep the new plants happy.

The Mabley Meadow Orchard!
Tackling the giant thistles. Go Damian!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gardening club - week two

Our second gardening club session was fantastic - with everyone getting stuck in planting wild herbs AND our very own apple tree - so get set for super-fresh, free apples next autumn!
Digging a hole for our new apple tree
Adding bonemeal to the hole to keep the new tree happy and healthy.
The apple tree in its new home.
We also planted marjoram, chocolate mint and garden mint, and put mulch and woodchips around the plants to protect them.  Then it was watering time!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Make the most of the sunshine - free gardening club this afternoon!

Our next gardening club session is happening this afternoon (Wednesday 19th) - and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

So if you want to enjoy the sunshine, and learn some new gardening skills, come to the meadow from 4pm-6pm.

The gardening club is completely free, all tools will be provided, and there'll be free drinks and snacks too.

You'll find the meadow here - on Lee Conservancy Road, just opposite Essex Flour and Grain, on the south side of the A12 Flyover.

And if you can't make it this afternoon, the gardening club will happen every Wednesday afternoon until mid-October. So see you then!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Our FREE gardening club is back!

We left the meadow to do its thing over summer. But with autumn on the way, Mabley Meadow's free gardening club is back - and better than ever!

So if you want to learn some new skills, try your hand at gardening or just hang out and eat the free snacks provided, come and join in.

What: Mabley Meadow's FREE gardening club
When: Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm
Where: Mabley Meadow, E9 - just by the A12 flyover, between the main Mabley Green park and Eastway.
Anything else?: FREE drinks and snacks will be provided.
The sessions will be lead by local gardening expert Helen Wilson, and Homerton artist Penny Sadubin. Here's what'll we'll be getting up to:

Wednesday 12 September, 4pm-6pm
Planting wild herbs and learning about gardening for wildlife.

Wednesday 19 September, 4pm-6pm
Sowing wildflower seeds and learning gardening basics.

Wednesday 26 September, 4pm-6pm
Planting fruit bushes, so we can all enjoy fresh fruit next autumn. Yum!
 Wednesday 3 October, 4pm-6pm
Planting native bluebells to help save this rare species from extinction (and create Hackney's first bluebell wood!)

Wednesday 10 October, 4pm-6pm 
Planting fruit trees to make our very own community orchard.

Wednesday 17 October, 4pm-6pm 
Making jewellery and handicrafts from natural materials growing in Hackney with local artist Penny Sadubin.

The gardening club has been made possible by the London Legacy Development Corporation. So a big thanks to them!

Any questions? Just leave a comment below, or send an email to

See you on the meadow!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Get ready for the new gardening club!

We left the meadow to do its thing over summer, but now that autumn is on its way, our free gardening club is starting up again.

The club will be completely free (thanks to the the London Legacy Development Corporation), and it'll run every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm, with the first session on September 12 and the last one on October 17.

More details will be posted soon, so stay tuned!